Jenny the Clumsy Fairy

Jenny was a very pretty fairy but she was also very clumsy. She was always dropping things around and could not sleep with her tiny wings draped around her. Every night her wings would get crushed and next morning Jenny’s mother had to straighten them so that she could fly properly. One day Jenny flew down to the banks of the stream. She bent over to see her reflection in the clear water below. “I am so pretty,” she thought and learned further to see herself. And Oops! She toppled into the water and lost her magic wand. Jenny was in tears for without a wand, she had no magical powers. A duck saw the wand floating in the stream and took it in the beak and flew away. Jenny could not fly after the duck since her wings were heavy with water. She started crying! Just then, her friend who was flying above saw Jenny’s plight and came to rescue her. She pulled Jenny out of the water. Jenny told her about the wand. She asked Jenny to go to the fairy queen and ask her for a new wand. Of course, Jenny got a new wand but not before she promised the fairy queen that she would never be so clumsy again.

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