Jaafar, the Barmecide and the Bean Seller

Jaafar, the Barmecide, was crucified by Haroon Al-Rashid. An order was passed that whoever cried for the dead man would also be crucified. An Arab called Bassorah used to bring poems in praise of Jaafar and was rewarded with a 1,000 dinars by Jaafar every year.

When he saw the hanging body of Jaafar, he cried bitterly and fell asleep. In his dream came Jaafar and told him to go to a man called Badawi and take 1,000 dinars. When Bassorah met Badawi and told him of the dream, immediately he was given 1,000 dinars.

When asked about the story behind his action, he replied when Bassorah was a poor man selling hot beans in the streets, Jaafar saw him and asked him to sell his hot beans to all his soldiers whereupon he collected a good sum. Finally, there was one bean left which Jaafar split into two.

One half was bought by his woman for double the sum of what the soldiers paid. The other half was bought by Jaafar for double the amount of the entire money collected, thus leaving a very hefty sum for him with which he prospered well in life.

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