Indian-pond Heron

The Ardeola grayii (scientific name) or Indian-pond heron is also known as the paddybird. An average 17.5 inches in length, this bird is usually hunched and hence its long neck appears short and stocky. While the underparts, specifically the belly, legs and rump are white, the wings are a dark brown colour near the shoulders. The head, neck, chest and certain wing coverts are grey-brown in colour. However, its dull appearance completely changes when the bird takes flight, with the stark white wings and tail feathers contrasting to the dark upper body. Its diet is comprised of crustaceans, fish, leeches and sometimes insects and amphibians. An average clutch has 3-5 eggs which are incubated for 18-24 days. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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