Harry was an intelligent and bright child, but he never helped anyone.

It was summer vacation. Harry went on a picnic with his parents, grandparents and younger brother, Jack. Soon, they reached the riverside.

Dad and Grandpa took out the picnic baskets and fishing rods from the car. Mom and Grandmom found a shady spot and laid out the mat. Jack helped them.

While everyone was busy doing his share of work, Harry just roamed around. After the picnic lunch, everyone lay down to rest for a while.

Harry decided to go fishing. He picked up his fishing rod and went on a river dock. ‘Wow! A big fish got stuck in the hook,’ Harry thought.

Harry tried to pull the rod, but it was too heavy. He did not want to let the fish go. So, he started shouting, “Help! Help!”

Jack rushed to help him. He saw Harry trying to pull the rod out. Jack helped him and
together they pulled it out. It was a big fish!

Everyone praised Harry for such a huge catch. But Harry knew that Jack had helped him. He couldn’t have done it alone. Harry thanked Jack.

Harry realised how important it is to help others.

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