Grey Francolin (Indian Partridge)

The Francolinus pondicerianus (scientific name) or grey francolin is endemic to the scrublands and open country areas of India which are 500 metres above the sea level and certain areas of Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Also known as the Indian partridge, this bird is 11-13 inches in length and has a barred brown-rufous plumage all over, except on the head, which is a pale off-white colour. The throat has a thin black border. However, in flight the chestnut coloured tail is clearly visible. While it is known to eat snakes occasionally, its diet mostly is comprised of seeds, grains and insects like termites and beetles. An average clutch-size is comprised of 6-8 eggs which are incubated for 21-23 days. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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