Green Magpie

The Cissa chinensis (scientific name) or green magpie is a bird from the crow family found in evergreen forests and scrublands from North-East India, in the lower Himalayas towards Thailand, Sumatra, Malaysia and north-western Borneo. This bird is 10-12 inches in height, and has a vivid green colour, which turns turquoise in captivity. There is a thin black strip from its red beak, through its eyes all the way to the nape. Apart from the beak, its eye rims and legs are also red. The wings are reddish-maroon in colour. Their diet ranges from invertebrates to insects, reptiles, eggs and even flesh of fresh carcasses. An average clutch has 4-6 eggs, incubated for 18-20 days. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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