Golden-breasted Starling

The Lamprotornis Regius (scientific name) or golden-breasted starling is native to Africa. It is found in grasslands and savannah regions of Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Northern parts of Tanzania. With a height of 13.7 inches, this bird is medium-sized, with a metallic green upper body and head. Its wings, back, neck and long tail feathers are all violet-blue metallic colour. In contrast, it has a bright yellow breast and belly, and white irises. These birds love eating insects and termites. They are social birds, and stay in groups of 3-12. While the female lays 3-5 eggs in a tree-hollow, which are incubated for 11-14 days, the entire family-group helps to raise the young. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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