Glands, Pores and Touch Sensors



The skin layers have various glands, the sweat gland and fat/sebaceous glands, found throughout the body, except a few areas like, the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The sweat glands secrete mostly a concentrated salty sweat into the gland tube that lowers the body temperature, especially in summer season. The fat or the sebaceous glands that are mainly found on the face and the scalp secrete fat called the sebum. The sebum lubricates the skin.


The skin layers have various pores. Sweat glands open onto the surface as pores, also called the sweat pores. The sweat pores are the minute ducts through which sweat comes out of the skin layer. Pores are important for maintaining a healthy skin. If the pores are blocked due to dirt and oil, it creates a pile-up of oil and dead skin cells in the follicle.

Touch Sensors

Skin is the sense organ of touch. The sense of touch is perceived by a network of touch sensors. The sensors are basically specialised nerve fibre endings. These sensors are distributed at specific depths in the dermis layer. The location of the sensor defines the type of sensation they would perceive. A few of them detect only some specific stimuli including very light touch and reduction in temperature.

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