Dermis and Hypodermis Layer



Dermis is the thicker middle layer of the skin. It is composed of fibrous connective tissues. This layer has several microstructures, such as: blood vessels, hair follicles and glands that produce sweat, hair follicles and nail. These microstructures are supplied by arteries and veins. This layer also acts as a base for several sensory nerves and receptors. The sensory receptors perceive pain, touch and temperature. The sweat glands control body temperature.

Hypodermis Layer

The hypodermis layer is the innermost layer of the skin. This layer is also referred as the subcutaneous layer. It is mainly composed of adipose tissues. Adipose tissues are the loose connective tissues and fatty material. In some places, these tissues are thicker. These thicker tissues form fatty pads. The main function of this layer is to provide protection to the inner organs, to store energy as body fat and to insulate the body.

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