Gilly Learnt His Lesson

Gilly was a very lazy goose. He had the habit of keeping his shoe laces untied. He walked about without his laces tied. One day, Gilly went for a walk. He put on his smart new cap and shoes and set off. As usual, his shoelaces were untied. At every street corner, someone would call out to him to tie his shoe laces. But Gilly pretended as though he did not hear them. While walking down the hill, Gilly tripped on his shoelaces and fell into the dirty pond at the foot of the hill. His cap flew off and went in the muddy water. Picking up his ruined cap, Gilly came back home crying to his mother. He got a good scolding from his mother. Gilly learnt his lesson and promised his mother to tie his shoe laces always.

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