Freddie and Her Magic

Freddie was a witch. Children were very afraid of her but Bobby was least scared. One morning Freddie heard a nagging drone. It was Bobby the pilot who was flying his red helicopter. Freddie got very angry and asked Bobby to stop flying his helicopter near her house. Bobby replied her rather very rudely “No way, this is my flying zone.” “Abracadabra!” Freddie angrily waved her magic wand. And the helicopter landed on the ground. Bobby rushed home and brought many colourful paints and painted his helicopter green. Then he added some purple dots too! Bobby laughed aloud. Freddie waved her magic and changed the colours of the helicopter—blue, yellow, orange, black! Bobbu had all the colours on his helicopter now. Bobby’s laughter became even louder. Freddie got angrier and she swung her magic wand and made Bobby steer his helicopter high into the skies and removed her spell. But the magic stopped casting its spell and the wind blew away all the wet paint and Bobby’s helicopter turned into its original colour again!

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