Feeling Proud

Peter was about to go to bed when he heard a loud noise. He opened his door and peered into the dining room. “What’s this?” he exclaimed. The salt and pepper shakers were talking! “Without me your food shall have no taste!” said the salt. “And if you don’t use me, your food will taste bland,” insisted the pepper. The argument between the two went on and on, while Polo watched in amazement. “Let’s ask Peter!” said the salt confidently. “What do you say, Peter, who is better among us?” demanded the pepper. “I can’t do without any of you. If I eat a sandwich, I need both salt and pepper. But I also need mustard, sauce and cheese!” said Peter, “You must also remember that there are other ingredients as well which make food tasty! The salt and the pepper understood how important it was not to feel too proud about themselves.

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