Once, a starving man got lost in the desert of Persia.

While he was wandering in search of food, he found an empty sack of fruits thrown by a passer-by. He thanked God for giving him an empty sack of fruits.

As he walked ahead, he saw a hunting bow whose string was broken. He picked the bow up and again thanked God.

Walking a bit further, the starving man saw an old, dead tree that bore no fruit. He broke a few dry branches off the old tree and loudly thanked God.

A little far ahead, the man found a dented old cooking pot. He picked the old pot up and blew the dust off. He prayed and thanked God.

After walking for miles, he found a fishing hook but no fishing pole. The starving man was feeling weak but still, he thanked God.

Finally, after many days of walking, the desert ended at a vast endless sea. The man was tired, starving and hopeless. He fell on his knees and thanked God.

The man gathered courage and tied the fishing hook to the broken string of the bow. He caught a fish and made a fire from the dry treebranches.

He cooked the fish in the dented old pot and ate his fill.

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