Cathy in the Fairyland

Cathy was very fond of reading stories about fairyland. She often prayed to God to take her to the fairyland. One day while Cathy was playing in her garden, a fairy appeared before her and asked her if she would like to go to the fairyland. Cathy was very excited to hear that. “I would love to but who are you?” asked Cathy. The fairy told, “I’m the princess of fairyland.” A chariot landed on the earth. Cathy and the fairy queen flew in the chariot. Cathy saw the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen and had the tastiest chocolate. The fairy gave Cathy a beautiful dress and a pair of glass shoes. Suddenly Cathy opened her eyes, she found herself in the bed but she was wearing the same beautiful dress and the pair of glass shoes that she saw in her dream. She couldn’t believe she had actually visited the fairyland.

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