The War of the Worlds

The War of the WorldsThe War of the Worlds – Ray Ferrier, a dockworker, is ready to spend a weekend together with his children. However, an alien tripod descends on Earth threatening to wipe out humanity.🌍

Questions based on the Story

PART – I Chapter—1Q1. How were the Tasmanians exterminated?Q2. When was the first falling star seen?Chapter—2Q1. What did the narrator see far away towards Knaphill?Q2. What was still a matter of wonder?Chapter—3Q1. How far is Leatherhead from Maybury Hill?Q2. What happened when lighting began?Chapter—4Q1. As the narrator and the artilleryman drew near the road, what …

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Chapter-4 After I had parted from the artilleryman, I went down the hill, and by the High Street across the bridge to Fulham. The red weed was tumultuous at that time, and nearly choked the bridge roadway; but its fronds were already whitened in patches by the spreading disease that presently removed it so swiftly.At …



Chapter-3 Leatherhead is about twelve miles from Maybury Hill. The scent of hay was in the air through the lush meadows beyond Pyrford, and the hedges on either side were sweet and gay with multitudes of dog-roses. The heavy firing that had broken out while we were driving down Maybury Hill ceased as abruptly as …

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