The Jungle Book

The Jungle BooksThe Jungle Books is the story we all have watched on TV. Mowgli, a young boy lost in the jungle, is adopted by a pack of wolves and soon makes friends with the other animals. But the tiger disapproves of a man within a wolf pack and threatens to kill him.🐺🐅

The Big Parade

Chapter-9 Thousands of men and thousands of camels, elephants, horses, bullocks and mules had gathered at Rawalpindi, to be reviewed by the Viceroy of India. The Amir of Afghanistan was coming to meet the Viceroy. Eight hundred men arrived along with the Amir and several horses that had never seen a camp or a locomotive …

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One Brave Seal

Chapter-5 This is the story of a place called Novastoshnah, or North East Point, on the Island of St. Paul, in the Bering Sea.Only people who have regular business visit Novastoshnah as, for them, there are seals. They come in the summer months in large numbers as Novastoshnah beach has the finest accommodation for seals …

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