Robin Hood

Robin HoodRobin Hood is forced to relinquish his property after beating the Sheriff of Nottingham in an archery tournament. Robin forms a group of like-minded avengers to rise up against the taxes taken by Nottingham.❤📚

Robin’s Exploits

Chapter-9 Robin and Maid Marian were passing their days peacefully in the Sherwood Forest. One morning, they decided to take a walk around the Forest. When they were enjoying themselves a stroll, they noticed a young man full of energy and enthusiasm. He was sitting under the shade of a tree and serenading very softly. …

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Robin Is Captured

Chapter-7 Soon the Sheriff reached home safe and sound. He thanked the Almighty God for his safe return to his house. Seeing her husband back home the Sheriff’s wife was filled with jubilation. Sheriff’s wife had heard that her husband had been entrapped by Robin’s Merry Men and was at the mercy of Robin. Now …

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