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Level-0 StoriesSawan presents Level-0 Stories For Kids – Itsy Bitsy Duckling, Johny the Nosy Giraffe, Otto the Shy Octopus, Ricky the Angry Rhino, Lila the Dolphin Needs Help, Smart Ant Zozo, and more.😍📚


A lion looks so mighty that it is called the king of the jungle. A lion has a golden brown-yellow coat. The male lion has a rich mane of golden, brown or black fur around its neck. A male lion’s loud roar can be heard for as far as 5 miles. Lions live in dens …

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A train is a series of wagons or carriages. A train is drawn by an engine. An engine driver operates the train. A train runs on the rail tracks. A train stops at different railway stations. People travel from one place to another in passenger trains. Freight trains carry cargo. Some trains are like toy …

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A car is a vehicle with wheels used for carrying people and goods. Cars come in different colours and sizes. A car has four wheels, one steering wheel and an engine. The headlights of the car shine brightly at night. Cars usually run on petrol or diesel. But battery-operated cars need to be charged with …

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An airplane is a craft with wings. It flies in the air usinga propeller or an engine. The airplane is the fastest mode of transport. Wings help to lift the airplane through the air. An airplane usually has a long, thin body, two wings and a tail. The cockpit is the place with instruments in …

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A ship is a huge watercraft that floats on water. Ships sail in rivers, lakes and oceans. The people who work on the ship are called sailors andcrew members. The captain of the ship leads all activities on it. A ship can carry thousands of people from one place to another. Cargo ships carry goods …

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A bus or a coach is a form of transport used on a road. Buses can carry about 10-40 passengers at one time. Buses run within a city or between different cities. The double decker bus with an open roof is used for sightseeing. Buses are also used for commuting to and from school. The …

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Turtles are reptiles that spend most of their life in water. Turtles can stay underwater for long periods of time but they need to come to the surface to breathe. Turtles come ashore on sandy beaches to build nests and lay their eggs. Turtles have hard shells that protect them. This shell is called a …

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Sharks are the strong and powerful sea animals. A shark doesn’t have a single bone in its body. Sharks never sleep because they have to swim constantly in order to breathe or they will die. If a shark loses a tooth, it just grows back quickly. They can grow and loseover 20,000 teeth in their …

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Penguins are aquatic birds that spend most of their life in and near cold waters. Penguins are the birds that cannot fly but they can swim really well. Penguins feed on the animals living in the sea. They eat fish, squid, krill, shrimp and other sea animals. Penguins do not have teeth. So, they catch …

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An octopus is a sea animal with a round body, large eyes and eight long arms called tentacles. Octopuses are flexible creatures as they have no bones. They can squeeze through a small hole. Octopuses eat shrimp, clams, lobsters, fish, and sometimes small sharks too. Octopuses like to live at the bottom of the sea. …

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Dolphins are friendly and social animals; they are well-known for their playful behaviour. The killer whale also belongs to the dolphin family. A dolphin cannot breathe underwater. It uses a blowhole on the top of its head to breathe. Dolphins communicate with one another by clicking, whistling and other sounds. Dolphins are among the smartest …

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Wolves are the largest members of the dog family. The grey wolf is a widely recognized species of wolves. Despite its name, ‘grey wolf’, it can be grey, black, brown or pure white. A wolf has extremely sharp and strong teeth which help it to bring down even large prey such as deer. Wolves are …

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Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. They are usually orange in colour with black stripes on their bodies. White tigers are rare but can be seen in India and Siberia. Tigers are carnivores. They eat only meat. Tigers have sharp claws and teeth to keep their enemies away. Tigers like to hunt …

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Rhinoceroses are the second largest land mammals on the Earth after elephants. Although rhinoceroses have large body size, theyhave small brains. The word ‘rhinoceros’ means ‘nose horn’. Rhinoceroses are often called ‘rhinos’. Rhinos grow horns from their snouts. Rhinos do look scary but they are calm and gentle animals. Rhinos have sensitive skin. They sleep …

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The giant panda is a bear. The panda is generally 4-5 feet tall like a human being! The panda has black-and-white fur. The panda has black fur on its ears, eyes and legs, andsometimes on its back too. Pandas have a sharp sense of smell. The panda’s favourite food is bamboos. But the panda can …

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Owls are the birds with round heads and flat faces. They also make a unique ‘hoot’ sound. They are famous for their wise appearance because of their big,curious eyes which glow in the dark. Owls are nocturnal as they will only be active at night and are rarely seen during the day. Owls are carnivores. …

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Monkeys are known to be highly intelligent and naughty animals. They love to live in areas where they have lots of trees. Most monkeys have tails. They swing away through trees using their tails. Monkeys mainly eat fruit. They never eat bananas without peeling them. Monkeys are strong but highly flexible too. A group of …

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A kangaroo is a marsupial animal which means, it carries its babies in its special pouch. A baby kangaroo is known as ‘joey’. Kangaroos live along rocky edges and cliffs. Kangaroos are social animals; they live in groups. These groups are called ‘mobs’. Kangaroos are grazing herbivores.They mostly eat grass and leaves. Kangaroos can jump …

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The hippopotamus or hippo is a large grass-eating animal. Hippos are really big! They can grow up to 10 feet long, 5 feet high, and weigh about 7000 pounds. A hippo has a barrel-shaped body, a huge mouth and short legs. The hippo’s mouth opens wide to show large teeth and tongue. A hippo’s back …

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Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. They have long necks, long legs and unique spots. Giraffes are social animals; they roam around in groups. These groups are called ‘towers’. Giraffes eat only plants. They use their long necks and tongues to pull down leaves. Male giraffes fight by butting their long necks and …

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The elephant is the biggest animal on land. The elephant is dark grey and has legs like pillars, large fan-like ears and a high back. The elephant is usually about 13 feet tall. The elephant has a long trunk for breathing, lifting things and for drinking water. The elephant has two tusks that it uses …

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