151 Farm Tales

151 Farm Tales For Kids151 Farm tales for kids entertain kids, engage them for hours and make them learn new words and build a extensive vocabulary throughout the stories.📚😊

The Lost Charm

“Where did you find a name like Miranda?” asked old Mrs Pratt. “It’s from Shakespeare, mother,” said Wendy, her daughter-in-law. “Oh, him!” Mrs Pratt said, “No wonder! And what is that on her wrist?” “That’s a charm, mother,” replied Wendy, “It’s a butterfly!” Mrs Pratt didn’t believe in charms. So when Wendy had gone to …

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A Spot of Bother

Farmer Close sat in his study, thinking deeply. Mrs Close watched him as she knitted. “What’s the matter, dear?” she asked finally. “Just a spot of bother!” replied Farmer Close, “Do you remember my relative, Hugo? He’s planning a holiday here with his whole family. I don’t like it.” “Don’t worry,” said Mrs Close, “I’ll …

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Sunday Sparks

Farmer Sutton and his wife always had a barbeque in summer and invited everyone to it. So, as usual, all their neighbours and friends were to come that Sunday evening. “I hope Mrs Foulk doesn’t create a scene!” said Mrs Sutton, “She always finds something to complain about!” It was a delightful party and everyone …

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The Cloud

“Benjamin, I wish you’d get up!” said Mrs Fullerton, shaking her son, “There’s so much work on the farm, and all you do is sleep and daydream!” Benjamin woke up feeling very sorry for himself and tried to do all the chores. No one could be lazy on a farm. But he preferred to lie …

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Daft Dreams

“It’s all the silly movies you’ve been watching, Amelia,” said Grandma sternly, “You just say your prayers and go to sleep. Then you won’t see aliens and UFOs and all kinds of foolish things!” Amelia was sure that Grandma was wrong. But she was soon asleep. The window was open and through it came a …

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The Haystack

“I’m allergic to hay!” announced Jasper, the horse. “Rubbish!” said his mate, Lily. “What will you eat if not hay?” “I’m itching all over,” he said, “It’s all because of that haystack!” Jasper flicked his tail and twitched because he was feeling so itchy. But he refused to eat the hay. Farmer Dwight was puzzled …

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Lost Property

“Have you lost your socks again?” asked Mrs Lauren. “Yes, dear,” replied Farmer Lauren, “And please find my glasses too!” “How you manage to run this farm, I don’t know!” said Mrs Lauren. “The farm is large, my dear,” explained Mr Lauren, “It’s these little things that get lost!” But one day, something large got …

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The Cave

Not far from the Jeffrey’s farm was a little hill. It was not very high but it was rocky with shrubs and bushes growing between the rocks and the boulders. Only goats seemed to climb it up. Theo, the Jeffrey’s son, was curious about the hill and one morning he set off to explore. He …

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The Nest

Old Mrs Walters had forgotten her umbrella at the Dorrit’s farm. It lay in a corner just outside the kitchen window. Somehow, no one noticed it, except a pair of sparrows who were looking for a place to build their nest! The two little birds flew busily to and fro, bringing twigs and cotton and …

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Chased by a Bull

Farmer Peyne’s bull, Ford, was peacefully grazing in the meadow surrounded by a fence. A sign said–‘Don’t tease the bull’. But the group of little boys admiring Ford couldn’t read. “He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” said Tom. “Fine fellow!” breathed Mike admiringly. “His shoulders are simply huge!” added Kit. “He looks so peaceful,” suggested Oliver. “Shall …

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The Shop

“Mrs Martha Harris makes the best cakes and scones,” said the ladies, “I wish we could buy some.” Mrs Harris had never thought about it as she went about the farmhouse, busy with her work. But she knew that everyone loved her cakes. “Dear Hubby,” she said to Mr Harris one day, “How would it …

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