Black-winged starling

The Acridotheres melanopterus (scientific name) or black-winged starling is a species of starling which is native to Indonesia. This bird has 3 sub-species which are found in Java and Bali. 9.1 inches in length, this starling is known for its striking plumage. The male and the female in this species look alike. The head, chest, back are all white, but in stark contrast to that is the tail and part of the wings which are glossy black. The beak and the skin around the eyes are yellow. Their diet includes fruits, nectar and insects which they forage in groups or pairs. Monogamous breeders, an average clutch-size of this bird is 3-4 eggs, incubated for 13-16 days. Its IUCN listing is the CRITICALLY ENDANGERED.

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