Black-crowned Crane

The Balearica pavonina (scientific name) or black-crowned crane is found in the dry savannah, South of the Sahara, Africa. However, its nest is in wetter habitats. They are the only cranes which nest in trees. With a height of 3.3 feet and wing-span of 6 feet, these birds are black in colour with white wings. The side of its face is white with bright red inflatable throat pouches. It also has a crown made up of stiff golden feathers. Their diet includes insects, reptiles and small mammals. An average clutch- size is 2-3 eggs, with 28-31 days as incubation period. The mating dance, an integral part of courtship, involves bowing, jumping and dancing in circles, while making honking sounds. Its IUCN listing is VULNERABLE.

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