Bhima Kills Kirmirasura

The Pandavas shifted to the Kamyaka forest. On the way, an asura holding a flaming torch challenged them, asking them why they had entered his forest. Yudhishthira introduced himself and his family. It made the demon even more angry. His brother, Bakasura, and a dear friend, Hidimb, had been killed by Bhima, he said. He attacked Bhima but Bhima, already burning with anger at the disgrace suffered by Draupadi and the Pandavas, was more than ready for him. He took on the demon with all his might and a terrible combat followed. Finally, Bhima uprooted a huge tree and hit Kirmirasura with it solidly on his chest. The asura fell with a resounding thud, and Bhima immediately strangled him, holding down his arms with his feet. Although his anger was not at peace, yet Bhima had at least found some correct outlet for it by destroying the demon.

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