Bhadra and Lakshmana

Vasudeva had a sister named Srutakirti. She had a daughter, Bhadra, who was well known for her beauty and charm. Bhadra was the princess of the Kaikeya kingdom. Bhadra’s father came to know that she loved Lord Krishna. So, he sent a word for Krishna. Krishna agreed and soon married Bhadra. Lakshmana was the daughter of King Madra. He had arranged a Swayamvar for Lakshmana, where the archer had to shoot a definite target. Among all the gathered princes, Duryodhan and Jarasandha missed the target. Arjun missed the target intentionally, out of respect for Lord Krishna. Krishna hit the target perfectly and married Lakshmana. One day, Sage Narada was curious to know how Krishna was faring with all His wives. So he paid a visit to all their houses to verify if Krishna was present there. To his amazement, not only was Krishna present in every queen’s house but also was actively taking part in household affairs.

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