Benny Has A Friend | Benny’s First Stories

Benny goes to the park.

He rides on a merry-go-round.

He swings on a swing.

He sits on a see-saw.

But it does not go up and down!

Benny builds a castle in the sand-pit.

But it is no fun!

He looks at the birds in the bird-bath.

The birds are drinking water happily.

He sees the tadpoles in the lily pond.

The tadpoles seem happy too.

Benny sits on a bench.

He hears, “Shhh…!”

A squirrel is hiding.

She is playing hide-and-seek with her friend.

Benny wants a friend too.

He goes back home.

Benny takes out his new ball.

And he goes back to the park.

Benny meets a pup.

They both play with the ball.

Benny has a friend now.

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