Be Yourself

Boomba was a very handsome lion cub. His parents were proud of their son’s good looks. But Boomba was never happy with his looks. One day while Boomba was playing hide and seek with Polly the parrot, he said, “Wish I could be like you, Polly. Why don’t you go to the magic tree, Kalpataru and ask him for help?” suggested Polly. So, Boomba went to get himself changed. Kalpataru granted his wish. Finding himself all green with a red belt around his neck, Boomba was very happy till he met, Teeny, the swallow. Now he wanted to look like the swallow. He went to Kalpataru and became tiny like Teeny. He flew around happily and sat on Elly, the elephant. Boomba then wished to become like Elly. But he felt very awkward because of his huge size. “O Kalpatru! Please make me a lion cub once again,” begged Boomba. He was happy when his friends came and told him that he looked best as the way he always was–a handsome lion cub.

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