Asian Glossy Starling

The Aplonis panayensis (scientific name) or Asian glossy starling is found in the moist tropical forests and mangroves of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Brunei, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand. With a maximum height of 7.8 inches, this bird’s overall plumage is a glossy jet black colour with striking red eyes. Its feet and beak are also entirely black. While the adult has a greenish gloss overall, the younger bird has a streaked white belly. These birds do eat berries, nuts and insects, but their main nutrition comes from fruits. A clutch generally contains 3 eggs incubated in nests made in tree-holes for approximately 11-12 days. These birds are extremely gregarious, and are known to be the noisiest in the species. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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