Andean Avocet

The Recurvirostra andina (scientific name) or Andean avocet is found in areas above 3500 metres above the sea level in the Andes, South America. 17-19 inches in length, this bird has a white head, neck, chest, belly and rump. The wings and upperparts are black and the legs are thin, long and grey. The beak is thin, long and upturned. Its diet consists of crustaceans, invertebrates and insects, which it forages for in the water, often sweeping its bill side to side. An average clutch of the Andean avocet has 4 eggs, which are laid in nests made on the ground, close to the water. They nest in colonies and incubation is carried out by both the parents. Its IUCN listing is the LEAST CONCERN.

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