Ali Cogia, Merchant of Baghdad

Ali Cogia, a merchant made his way to Mecca, after being continuously prodded by an old man in his dream. He disposed of all belongings except one thousand pieces of gold hidden in a vase full of olives and kept them in his friend’s house.

But he subsequently forgot about where he kept them after seven years of struggle in his trade. In the meantime, when his friend’s wife wished to eat olives, his friend took out all the gold and filled the vase with new olives.

On his return, when Ali found only olives and no gold, his friend denied having touched the vase ever. Ali went to Qazi for dispute settlement but was ruled against himself in the absence of a witness. Ali appealed to the Caliph.

The Caliph during one on his walks to the town, he heard Ali’s story enacted by a bunch of small children. The child acting as Qazi ruled that by no means could fresh olives be the ones left by Ali seven years ago. The Caliph was impressed and summoned for Ali’s friend to be hanged for stealing the gold. The little child boy was rewarded.

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