A Speech


The people from a village near Bukhara had heard the tales of wisdom and wit of Mulla Nasruddin. So, their village head-man sent a message to Mulla to give a speech about religion before them. Mulla rode on his donkey to the village, thinking how to get out of the tricky situation. “Do you know anything about religion?” he asked the villagers. “No!” they said. “Then what is the use of speaking to people who know nothing about religion?” said Mulla, and he walked away. After a while, the head-man taught his people well and invited Mulla again. “We know everything about religion,” they said to Mulla. “Then, there is nothing for me to say,” said Mulla and he left. The third time, the head-man had trained his people properly. Half the people said that they knew about religion and the other half refused. “Those who know shall teach those who don’t know,” said Mulla and he walked off the stage. Mulla fooled the head-man again.

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