A Hard-working Cobbler

A poor cobbler and an old fat merchant died on the same day. They both reached their heavenly abode. On the gate of the heaven, they were stopped by a guard. The guard took the merchant inside a hall but the poor cobbler had to stay outside. He heard some voices coming from the room. The cobbler was very perplexed and thought, ‘Why this partiality in heaven!’ He had expected the same welcome on entering heaven. Suddenly an angel appeared. He asked the angel why there should be partiality in heaven. The angel replied that he would be sent to a special room where only fortunate like him could enter. The merchant being a dishonest man had to go to a prison where he had to work hard to earn his meal. Since the cobbler was a hard- working man he wouldn’t have to work there. The poor cobbler was a happy man to come to heaven. He thanked God for His mercy.

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