5 Ultimate And Beautiful DIY Art Kits For Kids Age 10-12🎨😍

DIY Art Kits For Kids

Art is necessary for growing children, especially during their early development. Research shows that art activities develop brain capacity in early childhood. Art and craft engage kids’ senses in open-ended play and supports the development of various skills like cognitive, social-emotional and multisensory skills which are very essential for proper and complete growth and development.

1. Mandala Art Kit Coasters With Stand (By Solobolo)

This is a complete Dot Mandala Coaster painting kit and is very easy to understand.

This art and craft kit will engage your child in a creative way by using different types of components inside the box

Your child will be able to develop hand-eye coordination skills and manual skills instead of engaging in electrical devices for hours.

Children will design and paint their own mandala art coasters.

They can keep this art piece on their dining table or bedside as decoration material.

This craft Kit for children consists of  4 Sets of Coasters and Stand, 1 Set of Mandala Art Tool Kit, 6 acrylic paint colours,1 paintbrush and 1 colour mixing plate.

This attractive painting box also includes an instruction manual that will help your children in invoking their creative and artistic skills.

This crafty kit brings you to know about Mandala Art and it pulls out your child’s passion for Mandala Art.

When your child paints his own mandala coaster, it becomes a unique and meaningful art and craft kit.

They can even gift these, by making personalised designs.

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2. Mandala Art Coasters

This is a beautiful DIY activity box for kids where they make their personalised Mandala art coasters.

It is a box of art with great utility and the main goal of this attractive DIY art and craft box is not confined to creating a beautiful art piece with all essential components and techniques but also to use this craft as an object of decoration.

Children will dive into the world of Mandala art and craft and explore the vibrancies and intricacy of this type of art form.

The Mandala coasters are ready to be coloured or painted with the design etched on each one of them. A pictorial representation of basic steps is also provided in the instruction manual so children do not find it difficult to follow up.

There are attractive and a variety of colours available. Children can make exotic crafty mandalas on ready to paint coasters.

Children will be able to explore their creative skills and engage themselves in this kit, away from T.V screens or other electronic devices.

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3. Toykraft Rock Painting Dot Mandalas

A world of dot paintings!

Make 6 sensational beautiful mandala dot-painted stones for decoration or gifting purposes.

Your child will love this activity as the components in this kit are very attractive and useful. These will keep your child engaged in making their own designs on the stones.

This art and craft kit contains 18 non-toxic tempera paints, Mandala art tools and 6 smooth pebbles for an art activity. With a variety of colours, make some exotic artistic dot Mandalas which are very attractive.

The dotted Mandala stones can be used as paperweights or as design décor in and around the house.

They can keep in a dining room or a family hall.

This kit helps in spreading kindness and positivity by hiding painted rocks around your neighbourhood which can be traced back to you.

Dot Mandalas incorporate elements of symmetry and geometry which will teach your kid critical skills, essential for basic growth and development.

When your child has created a beautiful Mandala, he has also enhanced his STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills.

This stone paint decorative kit for children is a creative gift with great repeat play value in contrast with other non-useable paper-based art kits. It is a very useful kit for your children that can help in developing basic creative skills.

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4. Madhubani Art Kit Coasters With Stand (By Solobolo)

This is the best artistic gift anybody can give!

The very first moment when your child opens an art and craft kit, he will experience exciting components in the box. He will be able to make beautiful paintings using these components.

Your child will experience the fun of painting Madhubani Art Coasters using art and craft supplies inside the exciting box.

Let your little ones engage in a fun-learning and creative art kit.

It is very easy to do Madhubani Painting with the help of ready to paint coasters, colour sets, paintbrushes and colour kits provided inside the craft box.

This craft kit includes 4 Sets of Coasters and stands, 6 acrylic paint sets,1 paintbrush and 1 colour mixing Palette.

This art and craft material kit also includes an instruction manual for easy understanding which will help your kids in developing their artistic skills.

It is a unique and beautiful art set and is even suitable for adults who are interested in decorating or gifting personalised gifts.

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5. Quilling Mandala (By Asian Hobby Crafts)

Your child will be able to create his own personalised quilling mandala.

They can be used to decorate the places around or they can even gift these to close ones.

The contents of this kit are very useful which contains all the materials you need to make one stunning quilling mandala on a canvas board. It includes 1200 quilling Strips (12 colours x 100 strips each), a pre-printed Canvas board (8.5 x 8.5 inches), a Quilling needle, a Quilling coach, a Quilling comb, a tweezer, Glue.

Your child will learn the art of paper quilling. The art of creating beautiful patterns and designs by sheer rolling, twisting and curling of paper is what makes quilling a beautiful craft activity.

This polishes up the creative and imaginative skills amongst students as the application of skills are required throughout the activity.

It is a perfect set for beginners and this kit comes with a detailed illustrated manual that explains the steps of making different quilling shapes with ease and then finally assembling them in a mandala pattern beautifully.

This makes it easy to understand.

This kit helps in exercising creative skills and helps in developing imaginative and motor skills amongst toddlers.

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The major idea behind these DIY kits is to help develop necessary skills in each kit along with a fun experience. Such artistic and creative focus amongst little ones. They help to encourage self-expression, Boost self-esteem by channelizing energy into positive endeavours and a sense of creating something attractive and beautiful. Such games also make your child learn and feel a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. So, your children will stay motivated and confident.

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