5 Things We Need To Be Honest About In Parenthood

Things We Need To Be Honest About In Parenthood

Are you looking for some helpful tips on how to be a good parent? If yes, you’ve landed in the right place. The beauty of parenthood is not only what we showcase the world by showing smiling photos, but instead, the beauty of parenthood is in the struggles, folds and creases of our lives. It is in fact in the tantrums and the wince. There are moments when we yell and scream out of frustration but at the same time love the feeling that we get while holding our child.

Apart from parenthood being one of the purest feelings in the world, it sometimes becomes stressful and full of exhaustion and an endless list of obligations. Bringing a child into the world can dramatically alter the way we perceive happiness to be. So, it is completely alright to research these things and learn what needs to be changed.

One of the most affecting factors in parenthood is we do not know things about which we need to be honest. If we know that, half of our parenting problems would vanish instantly. So, in this blog, we’ll discuss the things we should be honest about in our parenthood and try to be a good parents.

Things We Need To Be Honest About In Parenthood

1. Accepting The Generation Gap

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It becomes very important to acknowledge the fact that we as parents belong to a different generation altogether. So, the times our children are living in are different. This conveys the need to be sensitive to our children’s needs, and to respond to any crisis situation with patience and empathy.

When we were young, we also had our own times to enjoy, although in different ways than how our kids enjoy these days, but we have to give the opportunity to our children too, to enjoy in their own ways. This should be done without restricting them too much or invading their private space. We have to integrate ideas of privacy and freedom into our lives.

Quite a few times, parents tell their children how they used to spend time in gardens with their friends and family. But the current generation enjoys their time by making use of different means like television, video games, mobile phones etc. It is completely okay and understandable because the lifestyle of the current generation has completely changed when we compare the previous generations.

2. Allowing Our Children To Make Mistakes

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We have to be honest and accepting of the fact that we all make mistakes, so if children are making mistakes, we have to be supportive. We have to be their best companions to celebrate their failures and give them a chance to improve in their own ways. Being strict all the time is no conclusion to any problem.

Parenting does not come as easily as thought. As parents, we are shouldering a lot of responsibility and we may not be able to meet our children’s expectations. We may as well make mistakes, wanting to undo things. But we are also humans, and we choose one path towards parenting, that may or may not be the right one. It’s like Robert Frost’s “I took the road less travelled by and that made all the difference.” We may not be able to explore the other path, another trajectory, but whatever we have chosen we have to recuperate our relationship through that.

3. Provide Your Children With The Space They Need

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Our children may not be comfortable sharing their personal issues or sometimes, even their social life with us due to the overwhelming generation gap. So this is advice to parents that we as parents need to give them space for them to make decisions as to when they want to share, when they want us to listen, and when they just want to keep things inside and reflect upon them alone.

4. Becoming Friends With Your Children

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That parenthood is not only about parenting but also about friendship and companionship where you may sometimes have to give, without expecting anything in return. Children are sometimes more comfortable in sharing secrets, and thoughts with their friends than with their parents. So, it becomes very important we make an effort to become a friend of your kid. your companionship needs to be so pure that they confide in you without any hesitation.

5. Accepting Your Imperfections

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We may not be perfect mothers or fathers and it is okay, that imperfections may sometimes make us more real. Women who feel more pressured when they become mothers and make extra efforts to be strong, look strong and act strong in front of their childhood may not always have to do so, just because they are walking on this path towards parenthood.’


So, these are the five things we need to be honest about in parenthood. Many parents out there often look for “how to be good parents” tips and end up with a usual blog or vlog, but the above details will tell you what you exactly need and how to be good parents.

Do let me know what you think about these topics. Also, if you have more suggestions on being honest in parenting, please comment below so we can cover it in our next topic.


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