Where is the Tallest Water Ride?

The Verrückt is the world’s tallest water ride. It is located in Kansas City, USA. The Verrückt stands at a record-breaking height of 51.38 metres. This has been verified by Guinness World Records. After the initial drop, riders then zoom up a five-storey hill before coming to a stop. Its top speed is 104.6 kilometres/hour (64.995427 miles/hour). On the Verrückt, riders experience a feeling of weightlessness. The Verrückt was designed to consist of two drops, the initial being a 17-storey plunge, with a five-storey uphill mid-section. The ride was designed to accommodate the use of three-person rafts, each weighing 100 pounds and carried up by conveyor to the top of the slide.

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