Where did the World’s Longest Ski Jump Take Place?

The official world record for the longest Ski Jump is 253.5 metres. This world record was set by Stefan Kraft at Vikersundbakken in Vikersund, Norway. Stefan Kraft is an Austrian Ski Jumper. Kraft’s debut in FIS Ski Jumping World Cup took place in 2012 in Bischofshofen. He has two world cup wins and won 2014-15 Four Hills Tournament overall. Two years prior, Dimitry Vassiliev reached 254 metres. He tried to break the record but he fell upon landing. His jump is unofficially the longest ever made. But Kraft is recognised as the winner of both the Ski Jumping World Cup and the Ski Flying World Cup, and since March 2017, he has held the Ski Flying World Record.

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