Where are Pistol Shrimps Found?

Snapping Shrimps or Pistol Shrimps are commonly found in oyster reefs, under sea grass flats and coral reefs. They are known for digging burrows. Pistol Shrimps are very small in size and grow 3-5 cm in length. They are the major source of noise in the ocean. Pistol Shrimps live in the ocean and display weird physical appearances and hunting technique. A Pistol Shrimp has a large claw which is disproportionate compared to its body. It uses the snapping for hunting, hence, the name Pistol Shrimp. It lies in an obscured spot, such as the burrow. Then it extends its antennae outwards to determine if some prey is passing. Once it feels the movement, it inches out of its hiding place and releases the shot which stuns or kills the prey. It then pulls the catch into its burrow and feeds on it.

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