Waiting for a Hare Under a Tree


Long ago, there was a farmer. One day, while he was ploughing his fields, he saw a hare running wildly towards a tree. Then the hare fell near the tree, without a move. The farmer went over and saw that the hare ran so fast that it ran into a tree, broke its neck, and finally died. The farmer took the hare home and cooked a delicious meal for dinner. That night, the farmer thought, ‘I needn’t work so hard.

All I have to do is to wait every day by the tree to pick up the hare that runs into it.’ So, he gave up farming. The next day, he sat near the tree all day and waited patiently for a second hare to come. Days went on, but a second hare never came. His neighbours saw his field overgrown with weeds and asked him the reason. When the farmer told them about the hare, everyone laughed out loud.

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