Vine (Boston Ivy)


Common name : Boston Ivy, Grape Ivy

Scientific name : Parthenocissustricuspidata

Family : Vitaceae

Native land : China, Japan

Boston ivy is a rapid-growing, deciduous, woody perennial vine. It is a vigorous tendril climber that needs no support. It clings to surfaces (e.g., brick, stone or wood walls) by adhesive holdfasts (also called sucker discs) located at the tendril ends. Three-parted leaves are glossy dark green and are variable in shape. Greenish white flowers appear in late spring to early summer and give way to blue-black berries which are also hidden by the foliage and often not visible until autumn leaf‑drop. Foliage turns scarlet red to scarlet purple in autumn. Foliage is semi-evergreen in warm climates.

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