Vidur’s Love for Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna went to the court of the Kauravas, but refused the hospitality of Duryodhan. He went to the home of Vidur, a counsellor in the Kaurava court. Vidur was the only man who was neutral to both the Pandavas and the Kauravas. In fact, he truly wanted Krishna to stay in his house because he loved Krishna. It is said that he was so happy that Lord Krishna was in his house that he offered Him a few bananas. His love and devotion towards Lord Krishna rose to such a height that he forgot what he was doing. He offered the banana peels and threw away the fruit. Krishna smilingly accepted the peels. He did not say anything and ate the peels. When Vidur realised what had happened, he wept and offered the banana fruit. Lord Krishna said, “The peel was tastier than the fruit because the peel was offered with love and happiness.” Vidur smiled with relief.

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