Velociraptor was named as the “Swift Lizard” that lived in

the Late Cretaceous Period.

It was as same as the size of a turkey and weighed around
15 kilograms.

Velociraptor had its body covered with feathers but it could not fly.

Velociraptor had large hands with three strong curved claws, same as
those of eagles and hawks.

The powerful back legs with four claws and a mouthful of sharp teeth

made Velociraptor a dangerous predator.

Velociraptor fed mostly on small lizards, mammals, baby
dinosaurs and eggs.

Velociraptor lived in desert like environment, that had
few shrubs and trees.

Velociraptors were intelligent and used to hunt
in packs.

Being a fast runner, it was able to steal eggs and young ones from
another dinosaur’s nest.

The whole species of Velociraptors came to an end because of the
asteroids that crashed on the Earth’s surface.

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