Two Kings

Once there were two kings ruling adjacent lands. One was unjust and cruel, and the other just and kind. The unjust king never allowed any trader to pass by without taking all his merchandise.

The traders tolerated all the cruelty of the unjust king because they were getting precious stones and gems from the land. The just king was very fond of gems and precious stones. Once he sent one of his men to go and procure gems and stones from the land of the unjust king. When he came to know that someone from the nearby country had come to buy gems, he called for the man and admonished him. He refused to let him go back and took away all the money. But as requested by the man, the unjust king allowed him to stay in his country for a year and go back with whatever he had traded. As he left for the country of the just king, he was made a divan and lived happily. The just king represents the future and the unjust one, represents the present world.

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