Turban Trouble


Mulla Nasruddin loved sitting by the river, each morning. But a rogue would tip-toe from behind, toss his turban and walk away laughing mockingly. Mulla tried to ignore him but this continued every morning. So, Mulla sought help from a wrestler friend. The next morning, the rogue tip-toed to Mulla as usual and swiftly tossed his turban, “Yaooooo!” When he turned back, he felt a hand grabbing his collar and a surprise hit his cheek, “Slaaappp!” It was not Mulla but someone who was merely wearing his clothes. And he had a body of a wrestler. Then, a double fist landed on his head that made him sway. The wrestler picked the rogue and threw him up in the air. “I will never trouble Mulla again,” the rogue promised at the wrestler’s feet. “I will throw you in the river if I see you here again,” warned the wrestler, as the rogue ran. That was the end of Mulla’s trouble.

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