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Long, long ago, there lived a poor woodman with his wife in a small cottage. One night, the
woodman’s wife sat by his side and said, “How nice it would be if we had a child, no matter if
it were no bigger than my thumb!”

A fairy appeared and granted the woodman and his wife the most precious gift of their life, a
son. They both were very happy and named him Tom Thumb.

One day, the mother was making a batter pudding. Tom was standing near the
bowl. Tom’s mother was looking at him lovingly.

Suddenly Tom slipped into the pudding bowl. The mother was not aware of this.

A poor beggar was passing by and asked Tom’s mother for food. She emptied the pudding into his
bowl. Later the parents were worried about not seeing Tom.

Tom somehow got out of the beggar’s bowl and ran to his parents. They heard his story and were astonished.

One day, Tom was standing outside the house. Suddenly, a big bird picked him up with its paws and flew. Later threw the Tom up while flying over a big lake.

Tom was afraid. He saw a shark coming to swallow him up. Tom could not save himself. He was now inside the shark’s stomach.

A fisherman caught the shark, took it for the King’s dinner and gave it to the cook.

The King’s cook was ready to cut the shark into pieces.

As the cook cut the shark into two, he was astonished to see Tom came out from the stomach.

He took Tom on a tray to show it to the Royal couple, the king and the queen.

The Royal couple, the prince and the princess were amused to see Tom.

Tom was knighted by the King in the presence of all the knights.

All the fairies appeared and loved to see Tom dressed as a knight.

Tom lived for many years and served as one of the beloved knights of the Royal couple.

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