Three People with Five Eyes


There once lived a matchmaker named Xiang Qin. She was approached by a boy with one leg shorter than the other and sought a beautiful bride. About the same time, she was approached by a very beautiful girl who was blind in one eye. She decided to match the two. When the time came for their formal meeting, Xiang told the boy to stand in the doorway and rest his short foot on the high threshold.

She told the girl to stand in the doorway on the other side of the room and keep half of her face hidden. Both of them agreed to the marriage. Xiang said, “Once you are married, I don’t want this business about ‘three people with only five eyes,’ or any misgiving about the ‘long and short’ of anything.” They were married. The groom lifted her veil and was shocked to see her blind eye. And she immediately spotted his short leg. Now, they discovered what the sneaky matchmaker meant.

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