The Wonderful Pear Tree


Then he asked for some water. A man in the crowd handed him and he poured it on the soil. Immediately, the people saw green leaves sprouting from the soil. The people were shocked. Soon, there was a small pear tree with branches and leaves. It continued to grow. There was complete silence as the tree burst into flowers and the flowers turned into large, sweet pears. Happily, the priest took the pears and handed them to each person.

Then, he took his axe and cut down the pear tree. He put the tree over his shoulder and went away. The farmer watched in amazement. When he turned back, his barrow was empty. Even, one of its handles was missing. Then, the farmer knew what had happened. The priest had used his pears to create the wonderful pear tree. The pear tree which the priest took away was found a little further down the road. It was the missing handle of the barrow.

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