The Tunnel


Xiawudong went to seek the jackal’s help this time. The jackal took Xiawudong along with him in a long tunnel. After walking for many hours, they reached the end of the tunnel. The next morning, the Princess could not locate Xiawudong in her magic mirror. ‘My magic mirror has never failed me. I will find him,’ thought the Princess. The Princess looked for Xiawudong all day, but finally had to give up. That evening, Xiawudong came to the court and asked the Princess, “Your fighness, I have won, haven’t I?” “Yes, but where were you hiding?” asked the Princess.

Xiawudong replied, “Right under the dais you are standing on. I knew you wouldn’t think of looking for me there!” “But how did you get there?” asked the Princess. Xiawudong answered, “Through an under-ground tunnel, Your Highness!” The Princess was impressed. And so, Xiawudong and the Princess were married amid great pomp and splendour.

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