The Third Calendar, Son of a King

“I am Agib, the son of a King,” began the Third Calendar. “I was fond of sailing in the seas and visited faraway lands to meet people. Once, after several days of calm sea, there was a storm and I was drifted to the Black Mountain which attracted metals.

I dreamt of an old man telling me how to escape from the mountains but admonished me never to utter the word ‘Allah’. However, after escaping from the mountains, I exclaimed ‘Allah be praised’.

Thereafter, the ship sank with all men and I got drifted to an island. A boy of 14 was brought out from a ship and buried alive. I dug him out, but accidentally killed him with a knife. After walking miles, I saw an old man with 10 young boys all blind in the right eyes. I was treated well by these men and then by the princesses in the castle.

Though in the castle, when I was advised not to open the Golden Door ever yet, I attempted to do so. My right eye was knocked off like other brothers.

Hearing the stories of three Calendars, Zubaidah forgave them and asked them to depart immediately.

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