The Thief and the Shroff

Once a Shroff carried a bag of gold pieces and passed by some thieves. One thief boasted that he would be the one to steal the bag of gold from him.

He then began following the Shroff to his house and when the Shroff went to his room and called out the slave-girl to fetch water, the thief made off with the bag.

When he went to his company of thieves to boast about his feat, one of them told him that, because of his action, the slave-girl would be a target of suspicion and the Shroff would certainly punish her.

 Hearing this, the thief ran back to the house where he saw the Shroff punishing the slave-girl. He said to the Shroff that his master, Shroff’s neighbour, saw the bag containing gold and sent him to give it to the Shroff.

The thief told him that he would give the bag only against a written receipt from him as demanded by his master. When the Shroff went inside to fetch a piece of paper and pen, the thief ran away with the bag. Thus he saved the slave-girl from punishment and got back the stolen gold too.

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