The She-Wolf (Croatia)

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There was an enchanted mill; a she-wolf always haunted it. A soldier went once into the mill to sleep. Just then, the she-wolf came in to look about the mill to see whether she could find anything to eat but found nothing. She shed off her wolf skin and turned into a damsel and slept there. The soldier nailed fast the skin to the mill-wheel. He met the damsel and proposed her to marry him. Not able to find her skin, the damsel agreed to marry the soldier. They soon married and had a son.

One day, the son went to the fields along with his father. He told his father that he had heard that her mother was a wolf. He asked if it was true. His father replied that it was true and showed him her skin on the mill-wheel. On reaching home, he at once said to his mother, “Mamma! You are a wolf! I saw your skin.” His mother asked him, “Where is my skin?” He said, “There, on the mill-wheel.” His mother thanked his son for rescuing her. Then she went away and was never seen again.

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