The Seagull and Kindness

Once, there was a rich and powerful man. He loved seagulls and they also loved him. One day, he was shocked to see a seagull on his terrace. He ran over to look at it. He was shocked to see that it was wounded. He carefully took the seagull in his arms and called for a doctor. It was not a deep wound, so the seagull quickly recovered.

The man asked his servants to prepare the best foods for it—pheasant, exotic meats and delicious fruits. Shockingly, the seagull did not eat anything. The man tried his best to make it eat the food, but it simply didn’t. Days passed and the seagull died. This Chinese fable teaches us that how sometimes love isn’t really love, but is selfishness. The rich man thought that the seagull would like to eat the same food that he liked. Instead of finding out what seagull loved, he focused on himself only.

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