The Sandalwood Merchant and the Sharpers

When a rich merchant was informed about sandalwood as a money-minting business, he immediately put all his money into buying sandalwood. As he entered a new town, an old lady forewarned him to be careful of many cheats in the town. The merchant asked the price of sandalwood from a fellow merchant who said that sandalwood was used in the town as firewood and cost nothing. He then started cooking in front of him by burning the sandalwood. The merchant was dejected and sold his sandalwood for a cheap rate.

The merchant had blue eyes and a man with only one blue eye accused him of stealing his blue eye. He had to wriggle out of the situation by giving a surety. Later, he also lost some of the street games because of tricks played by the street men. As he was walking repenting all the happenings of the day, he met the same old lady who asked him to visit a certain blind Sheikh, also a sharper, who told his fellow sharpers in the night how to get wealth, from which source, by what means, etc. to get back all the wealth he lost by deceit.

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